.behind masks.

Everyone has a secret they are afraid of letting out. They range from insecurities to life changing truths. In order to keep these secrets protected and out of the wrong hands, we hide. We hide behind masks of happiness, strength, confidence, and materialistic items. Trying to portray the person we want to be and/or what we want others to believe we are. Hoping everyone sees a person with the perfect life and not a care in the world, but inside lies a lonely, hurting soul who longs for the feeling of true and pure happiness. Why? Why do we hide? Why are we afraid to show our vulnerbilities? Why can't we just open up and be true to ourselves and what we are feeling? Life wouldn't be so hard if we would just stop pretending. Stop pretending that everything is okay when your world is upside down and flooded with chaos. Let it out. Open up. Tell the truth. I used to be the person who hid all my problems and pretended that life was just dandy, but now I have taken off my mask. I am not afraid to say I hurt, I cry most times for reasons I don't know, I am sometimes rude without knowing it; I'm not perfect no one is. So why do we pretend to be?


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