.taste bud orgasm.

A few months ago my LML♥ was telling me about this Odwalla juice and how good it was (basically bragging) but I never saw it in the stores so I did some research and found out i would have to travel all the way downtown to get a taste of this Odwalla he keeps raving about. So I finally went to the Whole Foods store and picked some up. It was soooo hot that day and I was extremely exhausted from my 4 inch Jessica Simpson closed toed heels and men gawking at my sister and I. As soon as I got back into the car I pulled out the small juce and took a sip.....gulp......two gulps......OMG I DRANK THE WHOLE BOTTLE!!!!! It was the most beautiful thing that had ever toched my tongue!!!! My eyes slightly watered from all the joy that came from such a small bottle!!! I immediately contacted my LML and told him how right he was. This stuff is great!!! But I was quickly discouraged due to the fact I drank the whole bottle so fast and it will be a while before I get to taste that sweet, nutritious juice again.....

Oh yeah it is very healthy and very natural. No perservatives, food coloring, artificial flavors or any of that other crap. Odwalla is number 1 on my list!


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